We have a redesigned and improved website and 65% off All Embroidery Designs!!!

We have updated our website with a new look and improved shopping experience.

Our web address still remains at https://www.embroiderydesignsbyavi.com but your previous order history, address and password were not transferred to our new system. We just transitioned over this past week so if you were having trouble signing into your account that is the reason why.

When you visit our site you will have to activate your account with the email address you originally signed up with. You can set up your password and update your address.

We also started up our social media accounts to keep up with modern times so you can follow us.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We have 65% off your entire order over $2.99 with promo code 65off

We also have a free bunny rabbit embroidery design to download.

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